• Overview

  • Project Name: The Courtyard House
  • Area: 10,100 sqft
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Location: Bangalore

The Courtyard House


Situated in the midst of a one-acre farm, the Courtyard House speaks of spatial connectivity as a language defining its architecture.


The home is surrounded by intersecting courtyards which have been strategically planned and placed to bring in ample amount of light and ventilation throughout the day. This in turn elevates one’s experience of living within the space, which opens out to courtyards and the farm from every point in the house.

The approach to the home is surrounded by gardens and a water body traversing its way along the perimeter of the home, reflecting both the house and the landscape around. As you enter the home, the main courtyard greets you as a visual treat along with a koi pond which calms your senses. The house is divided into the main living area and the more private kitchen and bedrooms spaces with the help of the courtyard and the koi pond.

Comprising of five bedrooms and the ample amount of space each area has been designed around; the home defines both warmth and luxury at the same time. The client’s love for farming has been retained with a farm towards the rear end of the site along with ample amount of landscaping to keep them engaged in the activity of growing and tending to the same.

The interior of the house is designed with a palette of luxury and a touch of simplicity. The use of marble and veneer throughout the home along with rustic touches of stone and textures define the client’s personality of humble beginnings reformed into a life of fruitful luxury.

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